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Finding a Solid Relocation Agent
Relocation is not for the faint of heart. It can be draining both psychologically and emotionally. Even if you are excited about the prospect of living in a new city, it can be time consuming researching neighborhoods, schools and amenities.

Perhaps more difficult is finding a real estate professional who can truly help you during what can be a very stressful period. Relocation requires a realtor who not only can find you a great home, but also can minimize the psychological burden associated with moving. It's more than just being a neighborhood residential specialist; a good relocation agent should have a broad skill set.

Skills of a Solid Relocation Agent
Consider your relocation agent your personal tour guide. When you are new to the area, you should have a realtor who knows the city like the back of his or her hand. Quite often when a person relocates to a new town, they are looking to replicate their current living situation. A good realtor will show you a broad range of neighborhoods that will allow you a broader range of choices in your new home.

Fantastic communication skills are a must. In a market like Portland, it's imperative that your agent communicates with you consistently. A good relocation agent should ask a lot of questions about your lifestyle and priorities. Just as importantly, your agent should press you for your dislikes.

Your relocation should have a soft touch -- this is clearly a stressful time. A good agent should have the listening skills to know when to back off and when to be encouraging.

A good relocation agent should be respectful. Understanding your time and budget constraints is critical. Lining up properties, meetings with school principals or day care centers are just part of what I do to give you the information you need to make a sound decision.

Proven success stories
I have helped numerous individuals and their families relocate to Portland, including employees from Yakima in Arcata, California move to Beaverton, Oregon. Employees moved all over the Portland metro area -- from Hillsboro to Tigard to Forest Grove to the Pearl. I understand the process and I would be happy to help you.

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